The Loungers: Editorial Campaign Series

Artistik Lounge is a monthly event where artists and art appreciators can lounge, mingle, vibe, and enjoy live entertainment in Memphis, TN.“The Loungers” is a project highlighting and showcasing various Memphis based artists, musicians, patrons, and supporters of Artistik Lounge in efforts to expose them to a broader audience. This is an continuing collaborative piece with Memphis photographer Darius B Williams.

I was tasked with creating a direction and/or theme for each photo. I was also responsible for the final design. Each artist was asked to give a quote based on their personal feelings and/or thoughts about various topics including music, literature, art, stage performance, their instrument, etc. The photos used in each piece were specifically tailored to each artist based on their individual talents and lifestyle. These were the results.

Eso Tolson: Creative Director/Designer
Darius B Williams: Photographer