Downtown Memphis Commission: Light Pole Banners

The Downtown Memphis Commission was rebranded this year and part of that rebranding was new banners for the light poles on Main Street. I had the honor of working on some of the designs. Artist Kyle Taylor was the lead on this project. He was commissioned to design fun and exciting posters/banners to be a part of the new look for Downtown Memphis. He brought me on board to develop ideas for lettering of phrases.
The concept was to use music phrases from the music city to reinforce and establish a sense of hope and community. The titles of Al Green songs “Let’s Stay Together” and “Love and Happiness” became the key points and direction of my lettering. From there I developed concepts and then submitted those to Kyle. Kyle then incorporated my letterings into his overall design. After he finished the design, He submitted those designs to me for approval of concept. It was truly a collaborative effort.

Kyle Taylor: Art Director/Designer
Eso Tolson: Handletterer

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