Brennan Villines

Brennan Villines is a very talented pianist/singer/songwriter based in Memphis, TN known for his soulful arrangements and genre blending music. Brennan’s debut solo album “Free” is a classic representation of his artistry and musicianship. As creative director, I was tasked with developing the branding and promotional material for is album. The concept was to visually put him amongst the rankings of his contemporaries in the mainstream music world. (i.e John legend and Michael Bublé). He could easily be an honorary member of the “Rat Pack”. My goal was to develop something that was iconic and representative of the musician that he is, as well as his music. Brennan’s music is a blend of soulful ballads, easy listening, and cool jazz mixed with groovy electronic themes.

Screen shot 2015-11-29 at 9.52.54 PMI took elements of navy blue, cream, and gold as his choice colors.  Navy Blue, because it’s cool, deep, and jazzy. Cream was a smooth contrast to the navy without being too stark. Gold to represent his “Golden birthday”, the day the album was released, and the purity and class of the his musicianship. His style is fresh, yet reminiscent of past legendary performers such as Frank Sinatra. I designed the album cover and album art with that in mind. In addition, I oversaw wardrobe and photography for album art as well as promotional photos for website. I was also instrumental in the final look for his website. I wanted to develop a very clean and polished image that was representational his new music as well as develop a platform for this stage of his career.

Eso Tolson: Creative Director/Designer
Darius B Williams: Photographer
Dana James Mwangi: Web Designer



CoverArt ProofScreen shot 2015-11-29 at 9.54.25 PM