“Spectacular Vernacular” Opening Reception: RECAP

Yo!! The Opening Reception for “Spectacular Vernacular” was absolutely incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better night. The journey of creating the work for this exhibition has been truly amazing and transforming. To be quite honest, I seriously had my doubts during the process. “Was I qualified to talk about Memphis colloquialisms not being a native?”. “Would the work represent or convey the feel of Memphis authentically?”. “Will people understand the intent of the work?”. “Will it come across as condescending?”. I was prepared for whatever was to come of it.

I just knew that this show needed to happen and I believed I was the one who could do it.

I’m glad I stuck to my guns. I was overwhelmed by the positive response of the people. Smiles were given. Conversations were had. And pride was shared. Spectacular Vernacular celebrates the language of the people and influenced by the culture of inner city Memphis. Power to the people. I really makes me happy to see people look at themselves with a new perspective that adds value and confidence. That’s the power of ART, Baby!! Lol. Special thanks to everyone who came out!! The exhibition will be up through December 10!! Dates for the workshops, panel discussions, and other events will be announced soon. Come to the Memphis Slim House to check it out!! Bring a friend or nine! 

Here are a few shots from that night, courtesy of DBW Photography.


Eso_SpecVern092416-0149 copy  Eso_SpecVern092416-0133 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0160 copy  Eso_SpecVern092416-0004 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0001 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0169 copyEso_SpecVern092416-0158 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0179 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0156 copyEso_SpecVern092416-0159 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0121 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0112 copyEso_SpecVern092416-0144 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0140 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0135 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0125 copy   Eso_SpecVern092416-0120 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0118 copy    Eso_SpecVern092416-0107 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0099 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0105 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0103 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0101 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0097 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0117 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0095 copy  Eso_SpecVern092416-0022 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0065 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0072 copy    Eso_SpecVern092416-0094 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0077 copy  Eso_SpecVern092416-0068 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0070 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0056 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0061 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0063 copyEso_SpecVern092416-0055 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0039 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0037 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0036 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0035 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0033 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0028 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0024 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0018 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0017 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0016 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0011 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0005 copy Eso_SpecVern092416-0002 copy

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