Speaking at the Wonder Workshop with Brad Montague

Yo!! It’s always great to be recognized. It’s even better when the person who recognizes you is someone you admire. That’s exactly what happened to me the other week when I got an email from Brad Montague, writer and creator of Kid President, asking if I could be a part of a panel he was putting together in Nashville. It was a panel about living the life of a creative and highlighting the work of some those creative individuals. I cleared my schedule and said YES! (Actually, in my head it was more like, “HELL YEA!”) The panel ended up being a part of a day-long workshop called the Story Gathering Wonder Workshop with Brad Montague. I was sooooo geeked. Me and Brad met back in Fall 2016 at the Creative Works Conference in Memphis, TN on the street no less. It was after his presentation, which I thought was incredible.

We chatted for a bit and then he handed me this box.

He kinda stayed on my radar ever since. But, I had no idea I was on his.

So, I made the trip to Nashville with my some of my crew and attended the workshop. I knew I was gonna get a chance to talk a little about some of the stuff I do during the panel. I wasn’t prepared for the AWESOMENESS of the workshop!! It was amazing. It was a refreshing, affirming, insightful, inspiring, and motivating experience for any creative. It was also great connecting with like minds and sharing ideas. Brad is basically “Walking, Living, Breathing Inspiration” and probably one of the biggest kids at heart…next to me, of course.

Brad, thank you for sharing your whimsy and wonder with the world and for encouraging others to share theirs. We are all better because of it.

And thank you for deeming me as someone worth recognizing.


Here are a few photos from that day taken by Darius B Williams. Enjoy.

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