Yo!! See this kid here? This guy is gonna be the next dope artist coming out of Memphis!! I was out and about walking at the Art Walk on Broad Ave in Memphis. He walked up to me said “Excuse me. Would you look at my work?” He had this really cool binder of his pieces. All cool graffiti work. He’s only 10, the same age I was when I decide I wanted to be an artist. I saw so much of me in him. It was almost like a reflection. I wanted to tell him everything I knew in one sitting. He made the shirt he wore in this picture. His mom was standing proudly close by. She told me that she wanted to take him around to the art places so he can see the art scene. I applauded her for investing in his art. I asked him if he wanted to be an artist. He replied with a resounding “Yes!”.

I exchanged information with his mom and took this picture. I suddenly feel like all I’ve done was for this moment. I believe more moments like this will happen, but I haven’t been this moved in a very long time. We are here to inspire others, man. Invest in your children, y’all! They are indeed the future. They deserve it!! I’m so inspired.

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