Make Dope Stuff Everyday

It’s that time of year again. The time of year where we make HUGE promises to ourselves about what we’re gonna do, not gonna do, or what we ought to be doing. We typically have a good 4 to 6 week run then fizzle out. That’s usually because we make large and lofty goals that can be difficult to tackle when you’re not already used to doing them. Instead, do something small every day.

One of my goals last year was simply to make SOMETHING dope each and every day. Whether it was creating a piece of art, performing music in front of new audience, or doing an act of community service I was committed to making things happen. Doing that has not only further developed my skills and strengthened my portfolio, but it challenged me to tackle each day with vigor and confidence. After I did something, I made it a point to share on social media outlets. Sharing my work and what I was doing told a story about who I was and what I was doing. It even led to collaborations, networking opportunities, and even starting a business.

Put yourself, and you work out there every day, and you’ll start meeting some amazing people.
-Bobby Solomon

This year, I want to challenge you to do the same. Don’t get caught up in weeks and months timeline for your goals. Do something dope every day. That’s where it starts. It about consistency and perseverance. Even if you don’t do something every day, challenging yourself to attempt it will yield better results. You may end up doing something dope 278 time this year opposed to……………8. You’ll be able to look back over the next year and see just how much you accomplished.

So, get out there and DO DOPE STUFF!! MAKE DOPE STUFF!! Share what you do online!!

I’ll be using the hashtags #makedopestuff and #dodopestuff this year when I share the things I do!! YOU SHOULD TOO!!



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