Hanging out with Marcus Samuelsson

Yo!! Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to hang out award-winning international chef Marcus Samuelsson. He had just gotten to Memphis and was doing a quick tour of the Memphis Barbecue cuisine. I was in Nashville at the time attending the Story Gathering Wonder Workshop with Brad Montague with my crew. We made plans to make it back to Memphis after the workshop to hang with Marcus and his crew later that night. That day, Andria Lisle texted me a picture of Marcus wearing one of my Embrace Your Inner Memphis shirts, which she gifted him. I was geeked and bubbling over with excitement. That night me and my crew, Darius B Williams and Averell Mondie, arrived back in Memphis and met up with the rest of the gang at the Big S Lounge. Marcus was really chill and laid back. He also knows how to have a good time. We all had a beer or two and got on the dance floor. It was a great night. That’s where I thought it ended. I was wrong.

What I didn’t know was that entire day was being documented to become a story in Garden & Gun magazine. I got a text from Averell saying someone contacted him about seeing the Embrace Your Inner Memphis shirt in the magazine and sent a picture. When I saw it I immediately yelled, “WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?” I was caught completely off guard. I went straight to Walgreens, grabbed a copy, and there it was. The entire day was right there in black and white with some great photos. I saw a number of my Memphis counterparts’ names mentioned in the story including Preauxx, Cameron Bethany, and AWFM of Unapologetic Records. My crew and a few others were mentioned in the story as “Lisle friends.”

The story ends with this:

“Samuelson starts dancing with Wendy, the one with the leopard-print skirt and the platinum bob. Within minutes, everyone’s on the dance floor. And just as Grove had promised, the joint is jumping.”

And, indeed, it was. Here are a few pictures from that night at the Big S Lounge taken by Darius B Williams. Enjoy.


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