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When I was just a kid, I enjoyed talking to people about stuff I learned in school. Or, asking them what they learned in school. Or, telling them about my favorite ninja turtle. Or, why Ryu was better than Ken. Or, anything really! I would talk to anyone who was listening. And, quite honestly, they really didn’t have to be listening. It was the reason I got in trouble at school growing up and it was probably the reason I ended up doing these series of videos. I really enjoy talking to people.

In Fall of 2012, my homie and bandmate Siphne Aaye was being interviewed by Choose901 for being a really dope person here in Memphis. Choose901 is a local campaign showcasing Memphis as being a premier destination for millennials to enjoy and invest their lives. They followed Siphne around for a few days filming. For the last day of filming they followed her to Artistik Lounge, a monthly event hosted by yours truly. You can see the final video of her interview HERE.

It was there when the videographer asked me if I’d be interested in doing a series of videos highlighting particular attractions around Memphis. I said, “Definitely”. And, the rest is history.

The series had a soft title of “GET TO KNOW”. My job was to basically enlighten the viewers about these cool destinations and provide a few facts about them. Basically, do a lot of talking! It was a perfect fit. It was an opportunity for me to not only learn about so many different and interesting places and things, but to put myself in a position of being someone who knows about the cool stuff in the city.

I really enjoyed making these videos and I can’t wait to do more just like them.

These are a few of the videos I’d done with Choose901. Check ’em out!


Give a Gift to Memphis from Choose901 on Vimeo.

Get to Know Shangri-La from Choose901 on Vimeo.

Get to Know Shelby Farms from Choose901 on Vimeo.

Choose901 T-Shirts from Choose901 on Vimeo.

Get to Know the Dixon from Choose901 on Vimeo.

Flashback from Choose901 on Vimeo.

Choose901 T-Shirts 2.0 from Choose901 on Vimeo.

RiverFit from Choose901 on Vimeo.


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