Be Encouraged

Yo!! When I make these “inspirational post”, they’re really for me. I gotta encourage myself before anyone else can. And I believe we ALL can use some encouragement from time to time. So, I share my thoughts with you.

Life can be tough at times. And what we all could use is an encouraging word to help us get through the day. If I can do that, that’s all that really matters to me. I don’t do it for the “likes”. I do it to inspire someone, even if it’s myself. I believe it all starts with us. We have to encourage ourselves. I simply thank y’all for letting me know that I’m not THAT crazy………all of the time!!

What are some things that keep you inspired and motivated? I’d like to know. Comment below lest share ideas.


  1. Being confined in one place can really kill your inspiration. I often go for a walk, eat a nice meal, or go to barnes and nobles in the magazine section for inspiration.

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