Just a few kids from East St. Louis: Hanging with Photographer Michael B. Thomas

Finally got a chance to hang out with my guy Michael B. Thomas, really dope photographer. I’ve been a fan of his photography for a few years now. I believe since 2010 or 2011. I stumbled on his work from a mutual friend’s Facebook page and I’ve following him ever since.

Michael is a freelance photographer based in St. Louis, MO. specializing in news, sports, editorial and portraits. His recent work documenting the protests in Ferguson landed him the opportunity to meet President Barack Obama. He’s also a East St. Louis native, like myself. We breed greatness here, baby!!


Photo by Michael B. Thomas

We finally got a chance to catch up a few months ago. We talked art, the creative process, our love for East St. Louis, and what it’s like being a black creative professional in our respective disciplines. And he took a few shots in the process. It always great to connect with good people! Especially, other dope artists.

To check out Michael Thomas’s work click HERE!!

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